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Mobile development studio

Custom mobile apps for iOS and Android

Comprehensive implementation from UX/UI design
to publication in Google Play and AppStore

Development and support of projects

Development of mobile applications for iOS and Android

Cross platform
A universal solution for developing a mobile application for both Android and iOS. Creating a project on a hybrid platform saves time and budget.
React Native, Flutter
Development of native mobile iOS applications on a turnkey basis - all stages of creation. Solutions to complex tasks, security, high development speed.
Swift, ObjectiveC
Development of native mobile Android applications with publication in Google Play. Solutions for any tasks, development and support of Android applications.
Java, Kotlin
Концепція мобільного додатку безкоштовно
Ми ретельно аналізуємо ваші потреби, визначаємо, які завдання вирішуватиме додаток, аналізуємо конкурентів, вивчаємо цільову аудиторію. Складаємо кошторис та план розробки продукту.
Замовити концепцію

How we create mobile applications

Analysis and strategy
We define strategic goals for turning your idea into a successful program.
We define requirements, team structure and prepare a product roadmap.
UI/UX design
We create a convenient and easy user experience thanks to an exquisite design.
Development and testing
Development of backend, API and mobile application according to the agile process.
We carefully check the quality of our application using a number of testing criteria.
We are launching the program in Google and Apple stores with support for future versions.

Mobile applications have become very popular among smartphone and tablet owners these days. Through mobile applications, we order goods and services, play mobile games, learn foreign languages, use mobile banking, correspond, read news. The main task of developing such programs is to automate business processes, improve the company’s image, and increase business profits, thanks to the popularity of the application on the Internet.

Before creating a mobile application, we need to find out from the client what the purpose of the development is (promoting the brand, increasing sales, simplifying the purchase process or updating information about new products in the company). The first stage of the project is very important. The final result depends on how accurate and complete the client’s answers will be.

At the second stage, our task is to decide on the choice of platform on which the mobile application will be placed. It can be Android or iOS. After choosing a platform, we need to develop a prototype of the interface and agree on the design.

After design agreement, the development process passes into the hands of programmers. A complete list of tasks is created and divided into small parts. During the development process, we create several options to make the finished application useful for end users.

The final stage in the development of the mobile application will be its launch with further testing. We need to make sure that there are no problems with the program. The program does not hang, does not slow down, does not turn off for no reason. After testing, we prepare the application for publication on Google Play and AppStore.

Стратіла Володимир

Sign up for a consultation with a specialist

Let’s analyze which solution is necessary for your business. What functionality is required for the full operation of your mobile application. We will make a preliminary estimate and a project implementation plan.

    How a mobile app helps business grow

    More customers, better communications

    The number of customers is growing, the geography of business influence is expanding, and the core of the target audience is expanding.
    Answer questions, create forms for communication, find out needs, track the actions of your customers. This will help to clearly understand how the company is developing.

    Business optimization

    It is worth ordering a mobile application to optimize work processes and automate many of them.
    The work of managers is simplified, the company can work 24/7, financial reporting, statistics, and document management are created.

    Scaling the company, more opportunities

    It is easier for companies to find new partners, add products or services, update prices and information, introduce new tools to scale the company and attract new customers.

    Company image

    The development of mobile applications for iPhone and Android has a positive effect on the image of the company. Users see that the company is open, updates information and is actively developing.
    The presence of the program increases status and image.

    Choose your option to start

    Demo version
    Demo version
    The demo version includes prototypes and "live" functionality on some points from the concept, which you can evaluate and decide how exactly to develop your application.
    An application with a minimal set of functionality that can already be installed on mobile devices and tested on a small number of users.
    Full product development
    Full product development
    We implement all the functionality agreed in the concept. You get a finished product with publication on Google Play and AppStore.

    About cooperation with MOBILE Studio

    The studio develops mobile applications for smartphones based on the iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android platforms. Our team creates business projects, service solutions, advertising applications and other custom applications.

    We undertake the full cycle of mobile application development – from concept creation to publication, support and development. In our work, we adhere to project technology based on the principles of flexible development (agile). Each project begins with analytical work and definition of goals that help create a successful program that meets your expectations. We study the market, competition, target audience, trends and experience. Analysis makes it possible to clearly define business tasks, ways to solve them and predict the final result. As a result, you get a well-thought-out mobile application that works!

    You can entrust the studio with projects of any purpose and subject. Together we will open up new possibilities of mobile applications for your business. A mobile application for iOS and Android can become an independent revenue channel. After all, mobile projects are intended not only for the promotion of business, its presentation and promotion on the market. They will generate good profit due to monetization. We are ready to share our experience and best practices regarding the receipt of additional funds from mobile applications.

    Cooperation takes place on the basis of a contract, which specifies the types and scope of work, terms and the final result for the customer. The cost of the services is fixed in the document, so you will be sure that the final bill for the work performed will be honest and correct, in accordance with the Terms of Reference, and additional figures will always be justified. We comply with the regulations and are responsible for the quality of the mobile products we create. At each stage, we inform the customer in detail about the success of the development process.

    Learn more about mobile app development opportunities in your field. Call, write to us!

    Get rid of outdated, inefficient work methods. A tribute to tradition is good, but it is modern technologies that are behind future success. Current mobile applications for Android and iOS from the studio will help businesses.

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